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Author:   Date Posted:20 October 2021 

Club Fitting with GC2 launch monitors is now available in every Golf World & Golf Mart store.

Get an expert fitting at every Golf World & Golf Mart store with our GC2 launch monitors 

About the GC2

The GC2 Launch Monitor produces the most accurate measurements of ball flight at launch and club head performance available in today's market. Used by Titleist, TaylorMade Golf, Ping, Cobra, Callaway, Cleveland, Srixon and a host of leading club fitters and coaches, the accuracy of this technology has made it the market leader in the field.


Foresight Sports club fitting

Powered by the GC2 Smart Camera System, the Foresight Sports Club Fitting feature lets us analyse shot shape, compare club performance and perform a comprehensive analysis. The Driving Range Mode provides perfect visualisation of performance every time. The Club Fitting feature makes it easy and intuitive by delivering a virtual depiction of launch condition, shot shape and downrange values - all in real-time. Our staff will be able to help compare your club performance via custom colour tracing, review dispersion, and when you're done give you a personal club fitting experience.


What to get fit?

We can help you get fit for anything! We stock Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons & Wedges from the worlds leading golf brands! Right now many of our customers are looking at these great product ranges:

Benefits for your clubs:


Spin rates, ball speed, launch angles & smash factor are KEY to dialling in your driver. With adjustability built into most new drivers, you can be walking out the door with a club that suits YOUR swing.


It’s an exciting time for fairways! Adjustability and multi-material construction technology previously developed in the driver category is now filtering through to fairway woods. Fitting with the GC2 will take the doubt out of your ability to launch from a fairway and stick a green from a distance.


Like fairways, hybrids are benefiting from a trickledown effect from driver technology. It might be time to test out some of the latest & greatest.


A great understanding of distance gapping, spin & peak height is what a golfer needs when selecting an iron set that is correct for them. With huge variations between models, the GC2 can help you narrow down your selection.


With your ‘scoring clubs’ distance gapping and spin rates are extremely important to get you sticking the ball pin high. The GC2 at Golfworld will give you’re a clear indication of which wedge has the right spin for you.

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