Hometown Hero - Min Woo Lee wins 2023 Fortinet Australian PGA Championship

Author: golfworld.com.au   Date Posted:28 November 2023 


Hometown Hero!

Aussie Phenomenon Min Woo Lee wins 2023 Fortinet Australia PGA Championship


Check out Min Woo Lee’s winning golf gear below:


In the sun-kissed landscapes of Brisbane, where the rolling fairways echoed with the spirit of competition, Min Woo Lee etched his name in Australian golfing history with a triumphant win at the 2023 Fortinet PGA Australian Championship. This victory wasn't just a personal milestone; it was a celebration of homegrown talent prevailing on familiar turf.


As the cheers resonated across the Royal Queensland golf course, it became evident that Min Woo Lee's success wasn't solely attributed to his remarkable skill but also to the careful selection of his golf gear. Let's embark on a journey into the equipment that played a pivotal role in this unforgettable win, highlighting the subtle balance between skill and gear that defines every golfer's journey.




Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver (10.5° Loft)


Min Woo Lee's journey began with the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver. Crafted for players aiming to shape their shots with finesse, this compact, 450cc driver proved to be the ideal companion for any golfer looking for an advantage over their friends. The industry-first 360° carbon chassis, combined with a new A.I. designed Jailbreak system and a revolutionary A.I. designed face, showcased Callaway's commitment to innovation and performance. Lee led the field in strokes gained off the tee, demonstrating the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Driver wasn't just a club; it was a game-changing ally for Min Woo Lee's unmatched distance and precision.


Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway 3-wood


As the crowd cheered for their hometown hero, Min Woo Lee’s fairway play stood out, thanks to the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond Fairway 3-wood. Offering up to 7 yards more with batwing technology, this fairway wood was pivotal in helping Min Woo Lee’s achieve a penetrating ball flight with lower spin. The incorporation of the jailbreak batwing structure and the tungsten speed cartridge ensured optimal launch, spin, and speed, allowing Min Woo Lee to navigate the challenging Australian course with confidence.


Callaway Apex MB Irons (4-PW)


Min Woo Lee was armed with a blend of classic feel and dynamic innovation in the form of the Callaway Apex MB irons. These irons, manufactured using a proprietary forging process from 1025 carbon steel, offered Min Woo Lee the responsive precision needed for every shot. The progressive CG design, dynamic sole design, and seamless adaptability of these irons highlighted their role in providing Min Woo Lee with precise trajectory control and efficient turf interaction.


Callaway Jaws Wedge


Around the greens, where precision is paramount, Min Woo Lee’s scoring performance reached its pinnacle with the Callaway Jaws Wedge, as he finished top 3 in strokes gained around the green. Min Woo used the previous model of this wedge but there can be no doubt with Callaway’s advancements, the new Callaway Jaws Raw wedge would further enhance Lee’s game. The latest model of this wedge depicts a total spin machine, by leveraging razor-sharp grooves, a new raw face design, and offset groove-in-groove technology. The inclusion of a muted toe pad on the face reduced glare, helps enhance the player’s focus on those critical shots. The Callaway Jaws wedge enabled Min Woo Lee to execute controlled trajectories and elevate his short game to new heights.


Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Double Wide Putter


Min Woo Lee's journey toward victory concluded on the greens, where he showcased his putting prowess with the Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Double Wide putter. Engineered for high performance and tight dispersion, this putter features a stainless-steel front for improved forgiveness and roll. The tungsten front weights, interchangeable in various configurations, allowed Min Woo Lee to fine-tune the putter to his exact preference, showcasing the precision and adaptability that defined his success on the greens.


Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball


Completing the winning formula, Min Woo Lee trusted the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf ball. This precision-engineered ball, featuring new precision technology, offers the tightest dispersion, consistently fast ball speeds, and total performance. From tee to green, Min Woo Lee's strategic decision to use the Chrome Soft X Golf Ball was a calculated move to ensure excellence in every swing.


In Min Woo Lee's triumphant tale at the 2023 Fortinet PGA Australian Championship, Callaway's gear was the perfect Scottie Pippen to Min Woo’s Michael Jordan, showcasing innovation, precision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Now, golfers of all abilities, can complement their own game with these exceptional clubs and balls. Min Woo Lee’ victory is not just a celebration of Australian excellence but also a testament to the consistent performance that Callaway brings to the golfing world.


At Golf World, you can now adopt this winning strategy for your game. Explore our curated collection of Callaway products, from the revolutionary Paradym Triple Diamond Driver to the precision-engineered Apex MB Irons, the innovative Jaws wedge, the reliable Odyssey putter, and the performance-driven Chrome Soft X golf ball. Each product reflects Min Woo Lee's success, inviting you to make every swing a step toward your victories on the course. Elevate your performance with Callaway, available now at Golf World.

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