Cleveland CBX 4 ZipCore Wedge [STEEL][RIGHT][50 DEG]

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  • Steel Shaft
  • Elite Forgiveness
  • Tour Calibre 
  • Any Condition. Max Spin.


Cleveland CBX 4 ZipCore Wedge

New CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges combine premium versatility and elite forgiveness in a highly refined, sharp-looking design that blends perfectly in the bag with modern cavity back or hollow Iron sets. Now, these CBX series Wedges receive all of Cleveland Golf’s latest tour-caliber technologies to create our finest cavity back Wedge yet.

CHUNK LESS: The new CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges' cavity-back construction gives you lots of forgiveness in your short game. They're versatile enough for all the greenside plays and the occasional finesse shot. Plus, they have all the same tech as our flagship tour, Wedges. Their highly refined, sharp-looking design blends perfectly in the bag with your cavity-back or hollow Irons set.

HYDRAZIP: Our proprietary HydraZip face technology features a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system to enhance surface friction, maximising spin consistency in wet or dry conditions and from anywhere around the green.

ANY CONDITION. MAX SPIN: For CBX 4, three different blast media and laser-milled line patterns are used. Due to their lower lofts, the 44°–48° Wedges need less of a rough face blast and fewer lines to maximise spin performance. With their slightly higher lofts, the 50°–52° Wedges get a slightly rougher blast and more lines. With their highest lofts, the 54°–60° Wedges receive the roughest blast and the most lines to increase friction and improve consistency.

ZIPCORE: ZipCore technology works with CBX 4's cavity back design—reducing vibrations while boosting MOI—for increased feel, control, consistency, and forgiveness.

ZipCore replaces heavier steel in the hosel and heel with an ultralightweight yet strong, vibration dampening material. Mass is repositioned across the toe and high on the face for an abundance of MOI and a CG right where you strike the ball.

ULTIZIP: UltiZip face technology produces a specialized sequence of sharper, deeper, and tighter grooves to provide ultimate short-game spin, control, consistency, and bite.

Sharper grooves let you slice through grass and debris. Deeper grooves create space for grass, sand, dirt, or water to evacuate the impact zone. Tighter grooves offer more serious bite and better edge contact. Plus, since they're tighter, we added even more heel-to-toe grooves than the norm.


With CBX 4 ZipCore Wedges, we make your sole grind selections. Pre-selecting each grind by loft is the easiest way to get just the right performance right where you need it. All three sole grinds also feature a new leading-edge bounce chamfer to help the Wedge quickly get in and out of the turf from various greenside attack angles, reducing chunks.

V-Shaped Sole Grind

The innovative V-shaped sole in lofts 44°–52° makes full swings and square-faced shots a breeze. It glides over turf without digging, even if you strike slightly behind the ball.

S-Shaped Sole Grind

An S-shaped sole with added bounce on 54°–56° lofts is ideal for bunker shots and open-face finesse shots from the rough or fairway, helping you get in and out of the sand or turf without losing speed.

C-Shaped Sole Grind

A C-shaped grind on lofts 58°–60° is perfect for lob shots with an open face, and heel- and toe-side relief mean you're free to manipulate the face angle to suit any greenside situation.


Brand Cleveland Golf

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