Odyssey AI-ONE Putter [SEVEN][RH][35IN][CRANK HOSEL]

Right Hand/Crank Hosel

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  • Navy Blue PVD Finish
  • White Hot Urethane Insert
  • Added Scratch Resistance

All golfers, even the best Tour players in the world, miss the centre of the face occasionally. And when you lose speed relative to a centre hit, the ball doesn’t roll as far as you intended, so you miss more putts or leave them further from the hole. Now, in Odyssey Ai-One, they've leveraged Callaway’s industry-leading Artificial Intelligence design and super-computing capabilities to create the most advanced insert in golf.

By applying these A.I. enhancements to the inserts, they're delivering consistent ball speed across the face. The multi-material construction includes unique contours on the back of the face that minimise ball speed losses on off-centre hits and significantly increase the sweet spot. With Ai-One, putts finish 21% closer to the hole on average than a typical non-inserted putter.

To achieve this unmatched level of performance, they've made the back of the insert out of aluminium and added a White Hot Urethane to the striking surface for the iconic White Hot feel millions of golfers love. These enhancements provide an incredible feel, speed control, and consistency in a design, changing the face of putting.

Features & Benefits

Ai-One Insert:  Designed using Artificial Intelligence, we’ve created contours on the Aluminum backer of the insert to promote consistent ball speed across the face. A co-moulded a grooved White Hot urethane layer into that aluminium backer for the classic White Hot feel that Tour players and amateurs love.

Ai Window: The most critical performance feature of this putter is the insert, and now they're showcasing the unique aspect of the insert…the contours on the back. The designers and engineers developed a Panlite window that makes these contours visible, along with an automotive-grade polymer that provides great clarity and scratch resistance. The window makes these putters unlike anything that’s come before and highlights this extraordinary technology.

SL 90 Shaft: A lightweight steel shaft with 20-30 grams (depending on the grip) of counterbalance weight in the butt end. This is an evolution of the Stroke Lab Weighting that will appeal to even more golfers.

Unique Navy Blue PVD Finish: These putters all feature a beautiful navy blue PVD finish that sets them apart and gives them a premium look.


SKU PUCY536_73034R3500
Brand Odyssey

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