Titleist TSi4 Driver

Low Spin. Maximized Distance

SKU: WOAN159_0571466394


  • Low, Forward CG
  • For players seeking an aggressive spin reduction to improve their driving distance.
  • Features a compact pear head shape with low, forward CG for a neutralised spin.
  • Player-Tuned Aerodynamics & Sound
  • Multi-Dimensional Stability
  • Performance-Tuned Adjustability

Low, Forward CG

The Center of Gravity (CG) is the lowest and most forward in the TSi family of drivers to deliver less dynamic loft and less spin at impact.

Player-Tuned Aerodynamics & Sound

Improved shaping reduces drag up to 6 percent (versus prior generation TS4 model), allowing the club head to move faster through the air and deliver more power at impact for greater ball speed and distance.

Multi-Dimensional Stability

Players often equate “high MOI” with heel to toe forgiveness, but Titleist employs a more holistic approach to MOI design. Our inertia also delivers more speed and a tighter spin range up and down the face, freeing you to attack every drive.

Performance-Tuned Adjustability

The adjustability features of TSi have been engineered to deliver maximum benefit for every player. They continue to refine the ways in which a fitter can fine-tune performance to ensure you get the most out of every swing.



Model # 651RG1S9
Brand Titleist

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